Stephanie Gengotti


Stephanie Gengotti

Stephanie Gengotti lives for travelling and photography; and whoever looks at her pictures travels along with her through her photography. Her dual Italian and French nationality is an added value in her cultural background, the result of a kaleidoscopic and mixed assembly of Greek, Japanese and American family origins.

Her Rome home is the starting point for many of her multiple explorations, the lab where she prepares and processes all her storytelling ingredients. Her parents, both flight attendants, gave her the chance to travel all over the world from early childhood. With no hypocrisy or false myths: she was only 7 years old when her father took her to Bombay and showed her a street with small children forced into prostitution.

Maybe this is why she immediately learnt to look at the surrounding and global reality with the irresistible need to narrate, stepping right into the least explored aspects of human society. From gypsy camps to the remote African villages, fearlessly mixing portraits and landscape as different parts of the Whole. Her eyes do not expect to judge reality, but she follows individuals and talks about the most intimate and secret side of people and the environment.

The originality of her approach and her personality which is free and quite far from the pre-established schemes, is expressed through an accurate choice of long-term projects, like in the case of « 9 months », which lasted two years: the story of adolescent mothers in Naples, later published in book form in 2014 by the French Publisher Les Arènes – 6 Mois.

Photographic art is almost a therapeutic medium, a channel with no filters to communicate with the individual, in a flow of continuous sharing to brighten the dark areas and unresolved aspects of the conscience of the Individual and the Artist. The need to establish an empathic and direct relationship often leads her to live in the same house and in the same identical daily routine as the main characters in her stories. A photograph is only the very last act, the catharsis, in a long and slow knowledge path.

She has a degree in English and French Translation, a graduate diploma in photojournalism issued by the Scuola Romana di Fotografia, where she also attended a Master class in fashion and portrait photography.
She collaborates with Italian and international press, like l’Espresso, Stern, The New York Times, Yo Dona, El Mundo.

In 2010, she was awarded the FNAC prize for her project ‘Along The River’. She is currently represented by the Agence Myop in France. Her work has been exhibited at Italian and international art galleries and festivals.


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