Stephanie Gengotti

San Basilio
italian version

San Basilio, Rome, August 2013
San Basilio is a popular neighborhood in the outskirts of Rome. Populated by forty thousand inhabitants, mainly Calabrian and Sicilian families who emigrated in the 50’s, this area is divided between public housing, and houses occupied illegally.
It’s a neighborhood that the Romans fear to cross, due to the high crime rate and the drug dealing which amounts to two million euro a year. The only present institution is the Police, for the rest it is completely abandoned to itself. There is no cinema, not a gym and not even a theater, but there is a football field built in the 60’s. In 2013 thanks to some residents, the football field has been reconstructed. The renovation of the San Basilio football club, represent the hope for the rebirth of this neighborhood. The aim is to attract young people aged between 14 and 18, who are at risk for delinquency and create hope for a better future.